We created this blog to be closer to our customers, partners and those who are just interested in our company. Here we describe our way of life and own interesting projects.


Happy New 2019 Year!

Happy New 2019 Year! Sometimes a picture passes wishes better than any words. The very event! We wish you Happy New Year!

The Photo of the day: 2000 go on!

The Photo of the day: 2000 go on! Some statistics. Today we opened the 2000th project for the model pattern design and manufacture. We have been keeping track of projects in the CRM system since April 2011. Each number is reflected on the nameplates and decimal numbers of the design documentation and the kanban system, which is reflected on each employee’s smartphone. Thus, on average, we carry out about 258 projects per year, or 21-22 per month or a project per working shift. A good pace for a small model firm. We have internal resources for growth, too. The matter depends on external ones, the economy at large. And we will stay in tune with it.

Ingetech recommends Indian manufacturer of core-box machines

Ingetech recommends Indian manufacturer of core-box machines We always support ones, who helps us to do business wider and better. Manufacturers of the molding equipment are our best friends. Today we are glad to introduce foundry community Indian company COMPAX, producing core-box machines for the cold-box-amine and hot-box processes. There is very interesting value-for-money ratio.

Foundry Concillium-2018

Foundry Concillium-2018 We traditionally took part in Chelyabinsk Foundry Concillium-2018. The main feature of this event became the foundry mastership competition. Our company was one of the sponsors. It is our fair share of contribution in development of employees’ professionalism in foundry sphere. And our personnel, of course. Thus, our design engineer Alexey Shlykov (on the right) successfully took on the role of juryman of this competition.

Another small victory

Another small victory Production manager Dmitry Tsepelev cuts off the first chips with the help of the long-awaited band saw. The new Italian replaced the "tired" Taiwanese. The annual update plan for small-scale mechanization was completed with this purchase.

Recall of pattern models

Dear customers of the company Ingetech! Based on two claims we have identified the defects of our trunnion supplier – heat treatment for the first pre-production series was not performed. There are might be some possible hidden defects such as cracks on trunnions’ necks. Because these technological units are important constructional parts, which could affect safety during transportation process, it is necessary to inspect and replace on qualified ones in the shortest terms. We carry about your safety! If the nameplates of the equipment produced in INGETECH, contain the delivery date from 05/2017 to 11/2017 and trunnions with our logo are 120*120*112 mm in size, please, contact us at info@ingetech.ru to determine the size and procedure for trunnions replace. Of course, the replacement procedure will be free for you. We apologize for possible troubles in relation to the recall and we hope for your understanding! Best regards, Director of Ingetech ltd, Yekaterinburg Sergey Bogushevich.

Exhibition ANKIROS-ANNOFER-TURKCAST-2018, Istanbul.

Exhibition ANKIROS-ANNOFER-TURKCAST-2018, Istanbul. The delegation of the Russian Foundry Association attended the exhibition ANKIROS-ANNOFER-TURKCAST-2018 in Istanbul. The scale of the event enormously surpasses our annual Moscow LITMASH. The number of equipment and materials, participating countries, the number of foundry companies with a large variety of castings. Everything is multiply larger and visual than we do! I am hurt for my country! It seems that according to statistics, the volume of foundry in Russia is higher than in Turkey; however, the expo gives the opposite impression. Do not know how to trade or consciously do not announce ourselves, sitting in our niches? Is the price of Moscow stands too high or traditional slovenliness? Will it ever be different and when?

Outside and inside view at the same time! The vacancy is still open.

Within the framework of the search for a customer manager, one good person served an internship in the company, with whom, unfortunately, we could not agree about further cooperation as a member of the team.However, we keep friends.That is why there will not be his contact details - take my word for it. His feedback about pastime is interesting. The style and manner of presentation were not adjusted, in order to pass his view better. “Wins fast, not “fat”. As part of an internship at Ingetech, I discovered a non-standard business approach based on the following aspects: Human relations to people. There are no business units, no buyers, and no suppliers in the literal sense of the word, but there are relationships that build up openly and honestly. Each employee at any time can address or call to the director, make a suggestion and they will be immediately considered, and a decision made.Customers, employees, suppliers, partners are friends and colleagues with whom they discuss not only working moments, but also very personal things. Product manufacture system, based on many years of experience, was built.Each employee, participating in the project, can find out at what stage the production is, what changes have been made, what needs to be done to effectively complete the cycle. There is no need for meetings that take a lot of time and often are not effective. "Transparent", open scheme of work with counterparties, based on mutual assistance and supportiveness. If you contact to Ingetech out of beat, they always advise with whom you can contact, what can be done. When there are complex tasks, partners of Ingetech come to help them. The main and key aspect that is put at the forefront is the unconditional quality of products. How scrupulously each element of the product is made, sometimes it seems superfluous, but this is Ingetech. The desire to obtain products of the highest quality, while working extremely to reduce the cost of the product and move beyond. In a difficult economic situation in the country, the leader will be the company that does a "transparent" business, has great experience and can quickly, without bureaucratic acrimony, restructure itself under the current situation.” This team needs a talented manager with foundry experience. CVs are accepted at sb@ingetech.ru.

Good news from our partners

Our common efforts were not for nothing – our partners Uralchimplast-Hüttenes-Albertus have released a new wash solution for resin removing from mixers, models and core boxes. For further details - http://ucp-ha.ru/news/802/. Do not thank - to improve life is our mission.

Сorporate vacation is over.

Сorporate vacation is over. The planned corporate vacation is over. We have returned. With new forces, we are ready to benefit the Russian industry. And not only for the Russian.

Announcement: Foudary Consilium

Meeting Place and Time Can't Be Changed, Can They? Looking forward to seeing you at the 11thFoundry Concilium due to take place in Chelyabinsk on December 6-7 It is by now a good tradition for NPP Group to organize in Chelyabisk annual international conferences known as foundry conciliums in the capacity of general sponsor. After a year's hiatus, the 11thFoundry Concilium is set to take place on December 6-7. More than 200 chief executives, leading engineers and best metallurgists representing iron and steel foundries of Russia, CIS countries and Europe are due to have roundtables to discuss industry issues, share their knowledge, experience and expertise in such areas as charge preparation, refractory installation techniques and applications, graphite production and graphitization, melt analysis, QA/QC, refining, modification, carburization, and many others. This will be the first time that a professional skills contest among foundry workers will be held within the framework of a foundry conference. Besides exhibiting their metallurgical skills and knowledge, the contestants will also demonstrate the capabilities of their foundries. They will be required to complete tasks originating from real-life production situations, which will make it possible for the other participants in the conference to find more effective solutions to their top-priority problems and establish ties with new skilled and efficient partners. And of course, winners will receive precious awards and prizes from the sponsors of the 11thFoundry Concilium and recognition from the foundry community. Registration has already started at http://rsl.npp.ru/consult/lk11/lk11_8865.html Join in and go with the flow!

Vacation plans and photo of the day

 Vacation plans and photo of the day There are times in our life when resting is worse than working. Our technologist Konstantin Barnyakov is recovering from a motorbike accident and he is ready to fight. Nevertheless, we have a traditionally planned vacation for the whole company, which means that from August 27 to September 16, 2018 we will not work at all. Please plan working with us in the light of this information. If you are still putting off placing an order in our company , it's better to do it right now!

Day of the Metallurgist

Day of the Metallurgist Dear colleagues and partners! We want to congratulate you from the heart with your professional holiday! Model production is a small part of a large foundry industry. For the years of our work this holiday has become a family for us. We share problems of the industry together, in the successes - we participate. Day after day. Therefore, we wish you less problems and more success! Happy Metallurgist Day!

Litmash 2018

Litmash 2018 Metallurgy-Litmash Russia 2018: Two trade fairs for metallurgy, foundry technology and castings in Moscow from 29th May to 1st June Metallurgy-Litmash – the two international trade fairs for metallurgical technology, metal products, foundry technology, accessories and castings – is one of the most important trading and contact platforms for the Russian market and the neighbouring countries. There is every reason for optimism in view of the general economic conditions. Gross fixed capital formation in Russia has been increasing again for three years now; up to the end of the third quarter of 2017, it amounted to EUR 149 billion and a forecast by GTAI (Germany Trade & Invest) indicates that growth ought to be continuing in the current calendar year too – by up to 3 per cent. The industry is therefore extremely positive about the future and the Russian market. A total of about 60 companies from 12 different countries – including Germany, China, India, Italy and the USA – will be presenting technologies for metal in all its forms – from the obtainment of raw materials to the installation and maintenance of metallurgical equipment, fully networked process technology, foundry technology and castings – during the four days of these trade fairs. More photoes here.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Do you know that Ekaterinburg is one of the cities where FIFA World Cup-2018 will be held? On the photo you can see a prototype of the stadium. Our client is going to make ceramic souvenirs using this pattern.

Two patterns in one

Two patterns in one We are ready to dispatch a pattern with our innovation. Our duplex detachable part with a magnet fixation allow to make two molds using one patter: with mark and witout it. Sleight of hand and no fraud!

One month till Litmash in Moscow

One month till Litmash in Moscow One month is left till the exhibition in Moscow. We are prepearing for Litmash-2018 now. Our stand will be № 3H14 in Hall 3 of Expocentre Fairground Moscow (Kranopresnenskaya nab. 14).

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Engineer-technologist Konstantin Barnyakov holds in his hands logo of our city.

Photo of the day. New equipment

Photo of the day. New equipment More qualitative and efficient equipment is the most part of attitude to products' quality. That is why we change our old Taiwan circular saw for new Italian machine. It's a great one!

Everyone's Welcome

Everyone's Welcome The international meeting of colleagues, initiated by our suppliers SIKA-AXSON, was held on the site of our company.

Secret of success

Secret of success We made a pattern for the most demanding of our clients. The result you can see on the photo.


IFEX-2018 Sergey Bogushevich (on the left) visitied great international casting event which took place in Gandhinagar, India 10-12 January 2018.

Sale's map

Sale's map This map shows cities of our clients for the last 5 years. Looking at this picture we realize that we have done a lot... And a lot lies ahead of us.

Taking care of your money

Taking care of your money We love our clients. That is why we prepare such useful present fot them. Anti-scimming shield card will help you to save your money on your credit or debit cards.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day On the photo Evgeniy Shatov finishing assamblage of the large-size plywood pattern.

Photo of the day. Back to the future?

Photo of the day. Back to the future? We are for using composites in pattern production. But the economic situation made us to use plywood. In the past few years the rate of composite materials in our production decreases greately. Now we are back in the beginning - we made pattern from wood. We combine beech with composite materials. More photoes below.

Evgeniy Shatov's newborn daughter

Evgeniy Shatov's newborn daughter The warmest congratulations to our adjusterEvgeniy Shatovand his wife! We wish health to the baby and his young parents.

Congress of foundrymen

Congress of foundrymen XIII International Congress of Foundrymen and exhibition were held in Chelyabinsk this year. Several photoes are attached.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day New pattern based on the old one.

Photo of the day. Visit to the client

Photo of the day. Visit to the client Chief designer Alexander Prolubshchikov and his creation.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Soon citizens of Yekaterinburg will find such manhole cover plates under their feet. We made it!

Litmash - 2017

Litmash - 2017 5-8 June there was an Internation exhibition in Moscow. We took part in Litmash again as visitors. Several photoes are attached.

Photo of the day. 180

Photo of the day. 180 Can you count them? 180 pieces!

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Our adjusters Sergey Andreev and Evgeniy Shatov with ease are holding in their hands model of the casting. It is made of plywood and it is 12 times light in weight than the casting.

Core boxes for Laempe machine

Core boxes for Laempe machine We made two similar core boxes for Laempe core making machine. We are happy to help our clients in extension of their production.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Usual plywood suddenly appears with its picturesque aspects - fantastic shape and style.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Happy new year, dear guests of our website! Its still our tradition to visit colleagues and give presents to their children. This year in a special team our design engineer Alexey SHlykov, student Jess Tsumbu and one pretty girl.

Foundry conference 2017

Foundry conference 2017 It was 10 anniversary of foundry conference which usually are hold in Chelyabinsk. Such grand event couldn't stay without our attention. More than 200 participants, 10 round tables, mounting questions and useful meetings.

All boys love Lego

All boys love Lego All boys love Lego. Adult boys love complicated Lego. P.S. This blog is kept by the only girl in the company Ангел

New service

We get ProCAST! Now we can make computer casting simulation and analize the process for our clients.

Seminar "Kurtz die-casting machine"

Seminar "Kurtz die-casting machine" Chief engineer Alexander Prolubshchikov took part in seminar "How to make casting production more effective".

Part of machine-tool construction

Part of machine-tool construction We help Russian machine-tool construction. Recently we have manufactured and dispatched plywood pattern for production of frame. Some pfotoes are attached below.

One year ago

One year ago We are growing with our clients. When we were preparing for the shipment of plywood patters for making isolating valves we recall the similar project of the previous year. Comparative photoes are attached.

Not in vain

Not in vain 6-9 June there was an exhibition Metallurgy-Litmash in Moscow. This year Sergey Bogushevich and Andrey Iskortsev took part in this event as visitors but not exhibitors as usual. Several photoes are attached.


Engineer Now we have one more engineer to our team. Yuri Saifutdinov graduated Ural Federate Univercity and became a technologist after the pre-degree practice in our company. Our congratulations!

Photo of the day

Photo of the day We have finished a long-term large-scale project of manufacturing patterns for casting isolation valves. Our representatives visited our client who works on FAT moulding line with our patterns. Several photoes are attached.

Visit to the client

Visit to the client Yesterday our representetives visited the manufacture of our regular client. Fitter Rustam Rahimzyanov and designer Alexey Shlikov were happy to observe a lot of our patterns in operation. Rustam: God created the world, and patterns is under our responsibility.

Football season 2016

Football season 2016 This season is the 7th in a row for our company. Our traditions is more stable than Ural weather.

Photo of the day. Steering wheel

Photo of the day. Steering wheel Non-typical project for our company: prototype of the steering wheel. Silicone mould was made by our team too. 

Large-scale shipment

Large-scale shipment

New manufacturing workshop and growth of capacity broaden our potential indeed. 

We are concluding the quarter with the ьщые large-scale shipment of this year.


Composite expo

Composite expo Parts, made by our company, designed the exhibit rack of our partner at Composite expo 2016 in Moscow.

Patterns for molding line

Patterns for molding line On the photo there is a core box for the core machine MONO 35 (IMF).

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Ingetech's team wish you happinies, health, prosperity and accomplishment of desires!

Foundry conference 2015

Foundry conference 2015 Sergey Bogushevich visited annual Foundry conference in Chelyabinsk on 10-11 December. He took part in round-table discussions on theme "Casting. The way to become a prduct". We are happy to meet new people and get long-term planning at such great events.

Moving to the new place

Moving to the new place

Our company increased and we found a new place for our manufacture. 

It is bigger than the previous because of one more Sprint, office now is more convenient and larger. We advance ourselves to make our products better.


Russian Expo Arms 2015

Russian Expo Arms 2015 Castings made with the help of our patterns were exhibited on the booth of our clients "UMZ" Ltd. at Russian Expo Arms in Nizhii Tagil 9-12 September.

Congress of foundrymen - 2015

Congress of foundrymen - 2015 On the photo (from the left side to the right) Sergey Bogushevich, Ivan Dibrov - President of Russian Assosiation of Foundrymen, and Valeriy Shantsev - governor of Nizhniy Novgorod on the exhibition Casting 2015. Details you can see below.

Identification marking

Identification marking Paying attention to details is a passport to success of many world-famous companies. Our team is no exeption. One of the latest examples becomes a type-setting identification marking. What is it and how it works you can see below.

Photo of the day. Fox

Photo of the day. Fox The sign-board which was made of bronze using our patters is already in Italy. It is going to decorate the fur shop there.



Last week our representatives visited the greatest exhibition in foundry industry, which was held in Dusseldorf.

Quartet of GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST is carried once in 4 years. This year 78 000 visitors from 120 countries meet with 2 214 exhibitors in 11 halls of Messe Dusseldorf.

This event is the best place for acquaintance with innovations of metallurgy industry, broadening of our's professional outlook and improvement of skills. And we always making a bid for our deal better!


Our product on Rosmold in Moscow

Our product on Rosmold in Moscow

Our article become a perfect addition on the booth of Lasso company at exhibition in Moscow.

On the photo you can see the item designed and produces by our team from material Necuron (brown coloured block) and parts made from the rubber with the held of this mold.


Improvement of professional skills

Improvement of professional skills

This month three of our colleagues got offisial confirmation about improvement of their professional skills. Two of them - Dima Khomutov (on the left side of the photo) and Tolya Zotov (on the right side) took their master's degree, and Vlad Mytskiy became an engineer.

Our congratulations!

Litmash 2015 in Moscow

Litmash 2015 in Moscow On previous week our company took part in exhibition Litmash 2015 in Moscow. At the booth of our partner "BMP Technology" we represented our technologic and engineering advances, we made a judicious selection of materials, and result - the casting. The casting and support was granted by our friend and partner "Litmashdetal".

Almost ready to the exhibition Litmash 2015

Almost ready to the exhibition Litmash 2015

We are finishing a project which will be exhibited in Moskow at Litmash-2015 (8-11 June). You can find us at display booth of our partners BMP Technology (booth № 7-4А02). 

We will be glad to see you there. Please contact Alina Poltavskaya (+7-922-17-999-18, ap@ingetech.ru) to arrange a meeting.

Photo of the day. We did not do it before

Photo of the day. We did not do it before We can also supply welded flask with the pattern equipment, which we make individually for your inquiry.

Photo of the day. Art

Photo of the day. Art It becomes a good tradition to creat some interesting objects when spring comes. An original book-holder was made by our team to put the books in order and raise the spirits of our guests.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity Our design engineer Ivan Perevozchikov in gloves with Ingetech's corporate identity explores the object of one of our projects. 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We have one good tradition: every new year's eve we congratulate our colleagues' children. This time our technologist visited them with a big bag of presents.

Happy new year!!!


Foundry conference 2014

Foundry conference 2014

8-th Foundry Conference took place in Chelyabinsk on 4-5 December. This year it was called "Casting mold. Perfection of the mold is the way to success". Every year this international conference takes on special significance.


Photo of the day. Sport

Photo of the day. Sport Sport for our team is not only a hobby, it becomes a part of our work too. We have finished a project of an exotic character for us - forms for swimming caps.

Article in the magazine "Russian Foundryman"

Article in the magazine "Russian Foundryman"

In october's issue of the magazine there is an article one of the authors of which is Sergey Bogushevich. The article which name is "Analisys  of  mastering  the  series  manufacturing of large sealed aluminium castings" opens this number of the magazine deservedly. 

Brief summary of the article is attached.

Transmission case. Take three

Transmission case. Take three This week we have finished a large-scale project. We have manufactured and shipped patter equipment for casting one of the most difficult parts - transmission case. For us it is the third project of a similar nature this year.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day.

Specific character of engineering work implies solving problems from different fields of activity. Today our milling machines finished two opposite articles. On the photo above you can see one of them. It's the final stage of filigree work with minor details of the small item.

Also one more product is almost finished by our team. It's a model which is a part of one great new project. Soon you will find information about it on our web site.

To draw a comparison between these two products see photoes enclosed.


Visit to the exhibition Fond-Ex 2014

Visit to the exhibition Fond-Ex 2014 Representatives of our company on the delegation of foundrymen have visited the International Foundry Fair FOND-EX which is traditionally held in Brno (the Czech Republic) since 1972. 

Business trip. Ankiros 2014

Business trip. Ankiros 2014 Members of our company accompanied with the Russian Assosiation of Foundrymen took part in the 12th International Iron-steel and Foundry Tehnology, Machinery and Products Trade Fair Ankiros/Annofer/Turcast 2014 which is usually hold ones in two years in Istanbul. Some photoes are enclosed.

Mold for concrete

Mold for concrete We are broadening the scope of our products. Recently we have finished the production of mold for casting concrete. Details you can find here.

Conference. Kursk magnetic anomaly

Conference. Kursk magnetic anomaly

11-13 August Sergey Bogushevich and Andrey Iskortsev took part in regional theoretical and practical conference in Gubkin, Belgorod region. Photoes are attached.

Photo of the day. Decrottoir

Photo of the day. Decrottoir Today we place decrtottoir near our office. Decrottoir - is a special appliance for extraction of dirt from shoes before entrance in a house. This grey-iron article is made according to our project and molds.  We are especially glad that results of our work can be useful for both us and society.

Mold for chocolate

Mold for chocolate Non-standard project for our company. Mold for silicone form for making souvenir chocolate. Photoes are attached.

Professional development

Professional development Last week three of our technologists took a special training in advanced study of PowerMILL Pro, which is provided by the company "Delcam-Ural".

Get back to work

Our vacation has come to the end. So we are working at our full capacity.

Photo of the day. The number of engineers in our company increased

Photo of the day. The number of engineers in our company increased During this year we follow all the professional successes of student and our trainee Artem Tamindarov.  Our congratulations with getting the diploma!

Photo of the day. Our swimmer finally returned to Russia

Photo of the day. Our swimmer finally returned to Russia

After the long trip which took more than 1,5 year our swimmer came back to Russia. It visited a number of international exhibitions and now you can find it at "Metalloobrabotka" in Moscow.

After this exhibition the swimmer - our great work of art will return to our office in Yekaterinburg.

Photo of the day. Sport

Photo of the day. Sport

On the tide of public enthusiasm concerning football championship FIFA 2014 our football team played unofficial match with the team of our friendly company "Delcam-Ural" which provides us license software. 

We continue to keep ourselves in a good form and also waiting for the victories of Russian football team on FIFA 2014.

Photo of the day. Exhibition

Photo of the day. Exhibition Our company took part in Litmash exhibition in Moscow 3-6 June 2014. We are greateful to our partner "BMP Technology" for cooperation and high quality of participation process in this event. We are also thankful to JSC "Litmashdetal" for the casting granted at the exhibition time. It is worth saying that it's one of the most difficult castings in our country for which we made model equipment. You can make sure of it here. Some photoes are enclosed.

Photo of the day. Lantern light

Photo of the day. Lantern light Our chief designer Alexander Prolubschikov is happy to get the results of his job.

Vacation plans

Traditionally all members of our company go on leave at the same time. From 30 June to 20 July nobody will work in our company. Certainly our mobile phones will be availble but be careful they could be in roaming.

We hope we can rely on your understanding and plan our joint operation according to foregoing.


Exhibition plans

Exhibition plans We are going to take part in Litmash-2014 exhibition in Moscow from 3 to 6 June. You have an opportunity to see exhibits made by our company on the stand of BMP-Technology. We would be happy to meet with our partners and potential clients in this period in case of planning the schedule in advance. Contacts of our representatives on this exhibition - Sergey Bogushevich and Andrew Iskortsev here.

Mobile communication becomes better!

We seldom change contracting parties. We used to work with our partners seriously and for a long time. The quality of our mobile connection was not so good lately. As a result of a difficult fighting for the good communication we change our cellular operator. Telephone numbers remain the same. We hope it will help us to be always in touch with our partners. 

Photo of the day. Great shipment

Photo of the day. Great shipment We have finished to manufacture casting model equipment for producing one of the most difficult castings in Russia. Details of this project you will find here.

Photo of the day. Business trips

Photo of the day. Business trips Production manager Artem Kanaev, fitter Pavel Gabov (both are on the right of the photo) and director Sergey Bogushevich (on the left) took part in foundry event which was organized by Sika Tooling&Composites and BMP Technologies companies. The seminar took place in Bad Urach (Germany) 23-26 April 2014.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day New wave of humour in Ingetech's style. Emergency to moulds is at your service! 

Photo of the day. "Flying saucer"

Photo of the day. "Flying saucer" Roskosmos should not worry. The mould for manufacturing products which will go in space was  recently shipped.

Advertising of the client

Advertising of the client Pending the column of advertising of our clients we are presenting "Jugor" Ltd.
"Jugor" company has been manufacturing products for accomplishment of city areas for 25 years. Moulds for production of cast-iron benches, fences, refuce bins and some other small architectural forms were made by our staff with love.

Mikhail Antonov's newborn son

Mikhail Antonov's newborn son The warmest congratulations to our processing engineer Mikhail Antonov and his wife! We wish health to the baby and his young parents. Waiting for new photo to take it on the wall of company's children.

Photo of the day. Pancake week

Photo of the day. Pancake week

According to Russian traditions Thursday of the Pancake week is called “revelry”. Russians used to eat pancakes on this day in a big company. Our processing engineer Evgeniy Potemkin complies with this tradition having breakfast in grand style.

Birthday of "INGETECH"

Birthday of "INGETECH" This weekend team of "Ingetech" with friends of the company celebrated the Birthday of the firm. Some photoes are enclosed.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. The Olympics. It is everyone has their own. Is our so.

Photo of the day. Business trips.

Photo of the day. Business trips. February 5-9, 2014. Management of the company took part in the official Russian delegation to the 4th Forum of the Foundry BRICS in India and Foundry Exhibition in Gandhinagar.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Fitter Pavel Gabov has put in the arsenal of technologies of INGETECH another new - inserts lightweight polyurethane compound. Nuances of this technology we'll leave as a secret.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Rustam Rakhimzyanov in a suit of Santa Claus prepares to traditional visits to the children of employees of the firm.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Design engineer Ivan Perevozchikov holding the first copies of the corporate Christmas gift autographed Vlady of the best Russian rap group "Kasta" (www.kasta.ru)

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

Dear friends and partners!
We sincerely wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
We wish to achieve your goals, increase your profits and expand personal and professional horizons!
Let's live and efficiently work together in the new 2014!
collective of the company.


Photo of the day. Grandshipment.

Photo of the day. Grandshipment. Today we made ​​the biggest shipment of 2013. Last month our company has been working seven days a week to our customer was able to get the first cast to the New Year!

Foundry Consilium

Foundry Consilium 5-6/12/2013. Traditional Foundry Consilium took place in Chelyabinsk. We participated in this event. Post-release here.

Joint Seminar.

Joint Seminar. We held a joint workshop "Materials and equipment for the foundry industry" with friendly company "Uralchimplast-Hyuttenes-Albertus".

50th anniversary

50th anniversary "Electronic mechanical engineering" department-basic school for our company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Congratulations!

Photo of the day. Welcome guests.

Photo of the day. Welcome guests. The second part of our Russian-Belarusian exchange project taking place this week. Guest of Belarus will be an internship with us as well as our technologists previously worked on Molodechno Foundry. The main idea - "do not stew in its own juice", compare in practice the principles of work, to take each other's nuances and useful to note at his shortcomings, which are usually ignored.

European swimming .

European swimming . We got a brief photo report from our Czech friends about "swimming" of our swimmer at European exhibitions.

Photo of the day. Thermovacuum forming.

Photo of the day. Thermovacuum forming. We have received the first positive test of equipment for thermovacuum forming of a new two-component resin.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Assembling cast-iron fencing is performed on the main street of our town. Tooling for these castings was made in INGETECH.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. The model that we have made​​, there is an anniversary of friendly company "Delcam-Ural".

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Summer season of football is now complete. Getting ready for the winter games. Our team every week keep in shape and healthy spirit on the playing fields for more than three years.

PS. In Ingetech no one smokes.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Our company took part in the XI Congress of the founders and exhibition CAST-2013 in Ekaterinburg on 17-19 September.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day

We are getting ready for the exhibition CAST-2013 that takes place on the next week in Yekaterinburg. 

Photo of the day. The experiment.

Photo of the day. The experiment. We received the first positive result of our new experiment - used for the manufacture of forming two materials with different properties. One part of the polyurethane compound high abrasion resistance, another of its more flexible analogue. Pairing this type of formative parts obviously removes a potential sand burrs, so-called "cilia", which has a positive effect on the quality of the core.

Photo of the day. Business trips.

Photo of the day. Business trips. Two previous notes in this blog is inspired by the idea of increasing the amount of business trips. For our small company was drew this picture. It is only in the past year without considering the number of visits of the place. We are already making conclusions.

Photo of the day. Supervision of erection in Gubkin

Photo of the day. Supervision of erection in Gubkin Andrew Iskortsev (right) performs supervision of erection in Gubkin, Belgorod region.

Photo of the day. Belarusian tour

Photo of the day. Belarusian tour This week we are participating in the experiment the exchange of experience our company and our friendly foundry companies from Belarus - Molodechno foundry.

Returning from vacation.

Our three-week vacation is over. From today, we are working normally. Thank you for your patience and understanding to everyone who was waiting for us.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Our company took part in the exhibition LITMASH 2013 in Moscow, June 24-28. We hope that our core box and the new art objects are remembered. Short photo attached. Special thanks to the company "BMP-Technology" for complicity.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day

Our chief designer Ruslan Ayupov left our team today, wanting to see the world and get new challenges for their destinity. 8 years since his student days he was with us. During this time he made ​​hundreds and perhaps thousands of difficult projects. Many customers and partners have long accustomed to that saying "INGETECH" meant "Ruslan" and saying "Ruslan" meant "INGETECH." He has always been soul of the company. His gorgeous sense of humor and broad-minded were the perfect complement to a professional attitude. We have a huge regretspeaking "goodbye" to our friend and good luck in any of his new businesses in the new location!


Photo of the day

Photo of the day

From now - we supply to customers release spray for cold setting sand from Uralhimplast-Huуttenes-Albertus together with models. Director of "Ural Mechanical Plant" (Chelyabinsk) Valery Kiselyov (he is on the left) gets a pleasant bonus one of the first.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day

Egor Bochkarev and Dmitry Tsepelev meet new machine. During the week, we start it to work.

Advertising clients.

Advertising clients.

Our customer Maxim Zinkin posted a photo with the results of our labor on his website.


!ATTENTION! Our company is on vacation from 22 July to 11 August 2013. We accumulate our energies and thoughts.  Most of our cell phones are likely to be not available.  Dear customers, we hope for your understanding and, please, plan to work with our company on the basis of the foregoing. We will work from 12 August 2013 as usual.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day

Fitter Paul Gabov completes assembly of core box. Highly resistant to abrasion model plastic, polyurethane, steel, aluminum, high spirits and a piece of the soul there are parts of this box.


We are participating in the exhibition LITMASH 2013 in "Expocentre" in the Hall 3 in Moscow in 24-28 June. Examples of our production will be posted on the stands of companies - BMP-Chemical, Uralhimplast-Huettenes-Albertus, Delcam-Ural, Lasso. We will be happy to meet our current and potential partners and customers, who do not have desire to travel to Ekaterinburg. Thank you in advance for providing a schedule of meetings for a harmonious stay in Moscow and to give everyone enough time. Contacts of Sergey Bogushevich and Andrey Iskortsev are here.

Photo report about the business trip to Germany.

Director of company INGETECH Sergey Bogushevich took part in a business trip to Germany, which organize by the Russian Association of Сasters together with "Uralhimplast - Huettenes-Albertus."



We took part in the Conference RAC HTS-2013 in the Tula and Caster's seminar on Ural Chamber of Commerce in Ekaterinburg in May.

Russian Association of Casters (RAC) jointly with regional office RAL  in Tula held conference XTC - 2013 in the city of Tula from 13 to 16 of May 2013. At the conference  were considered questions about the equipment, materials and technologies produce models and cores made ​of chemically-hardening mixtures for the production of castings of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. The participants visited foundries of Tula region.

About the seminar in Yekaterinburg - http://www.uralcci.com/press-center/dfa/liteishiki/


Photo of the day

Photo of the day

Moscow. Exhibition MASHINOSTROENIE-2013. Technologist Denis Kovalev is on the acceptance of our new machine-tool.

Ivan Klimov's newborn daughter

Ivan Klimov's newborn daughter

The company's team congratulates fitter Ivan Klimov (he is at the center) with the birth of  second daughter. This year, our guys are born only girls. According to the national sign - won´t be a  war! Congratulations to young parents! We wish you health!

Advertising clients.

Advertising clients.

Our friend and client Nurmagomed Jafarov (JSC "Litmashdetal") participated in the weekly football game INGETECH team. In the morning we agreed on a new model equipment and in the evening had sporting success.

We want to say a few kind words about Litmashdetal. This company constantly presents us with an interesting difficult taskes, management is not afraid to take on the most complex castings, thinks much of quality, accurately and responsibly fulfills its obligations to its partners, the list of which we find ourselves.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day How are fixed aluminum molds?

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Czech Republic. Technological engineer Yegor Bochkarev (right) makes pre acceptance of our new CNC machine and discuss the details of the new design.

Artem Kanaev's newborn daughter

Artem Kanaev's newborn daughter Chief Technologist Artem Kanaev reserves for his newborn daughter а picture frame on the wall of company's children. Congratulations to new parents with their first child! Good health!

Advertising clients.

There is an idea to advertise for our dear customers. Is one condition - a site with photos or video products with our work. New section have open in the blog. We guarantee our good words and an advertising link. Free of charge. Benefits of our clients have benefited us.

First let it be our old client "Porcelain of Sysert." Production of unique porcelain iconostasis. Tooling for slip casting of most of these products http://farfor-sysert.ru/catalog-farforovyeikonostasy-izgotovlennyeikonostasy made ​​by us.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Spring. The character of our team felt in the new humor of new art project.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Fresh shipment - it is models for slip casting for porcelain iconostasis, which is mounted on the peninsula of Mount Athos, Greece.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Fitter Artem Tamindarov happy to see result of their labor - fresh pattern equipment from the most abrasion resistant plastic.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day This is the largest shipment of the details of this year - a diameter of 2.5 meters.

Photo of the day. Seminar.

Photo of the day. Seminar. Seminar "Special aspects for operation model-core equipment" for employees' firm. Leader - specialist of casting foundry and engineer of company "INGETECH" Anatoly Mayorov.

Forms for laboratories.

Forms for laboratories. For the factory laboratories - lightweight plastic molds for stress grading of sand in compression, tensile, bending and shear in accordance with GOST 23409.7-79 always available now.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day An installation supervision of equipment for a Traction Motor Cast Steel Holder

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Our "swimmer" in the JEC Composites exhibition in Paris.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day The representative of Delcam-Ural Roman Erokhin is giving a new tool for a work to technologist Egor Bochkarev  - the latest version of CAM software Powermill Pro upgrade. We updated  SolidWorks 3D CAD software 2013 at the end of the last year.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day

Our team of engineers proud of their work - there is one of the most difficult casting in the Russia

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Technologist Denis Kovalev and his UFO. It is really for outer space.

Photo of the day

Photo of the day Fitter Rustam Rakhimzyanov is preparing our "swimmer" to participate in the JEC Composites exhibition in Paris.

Main masterpiece of metallurgical exhibition

Main masterpiece of metallurgical exhibition Metallurgy. Litmash 2012, the industrial international exhibition devoted to metallurgy, has just ended at Moscow’s Expocenter. And although the company Artec did not officially take part, its 3D scanners shone at several display stands. To begin with, everyone could see demonstrations of the scanners at the stand of Artec’s authorized re-seller in Russia, Delcam-Ural. But visitors also had the opportunity to see actual applications of the scanners in real life. For example, the Yekaterinburg company, Ingetech, adorned its stand with a statute of a diver swimming in sand