Recall of pattern models

Dear customers of the company Ingetech,

Based on two claims we have identified the defects of our trunnion supplier – heat treatment for the first pre-production series was not performed. There are might be some possible hidden defects such as cracks on trunnions’ necks. Because these technological units are important constructional parts, which could affect safety during transportation process, it is necessary to inspect and replace on qualified ones in the shortest terms. We carry about your safety! 

If the nameplates of the equipment produced in INGETECH, contain the delivery date from 05/2017 to 11/2017 and trunnions with our logo are 120*120*112 mm in size, please, contact us at to determine the size and procedure for trunnions replace.

Of course, the replacement procedure will be free for you.

We apologize for possible troubles in relation to the recall and we hope for your understanding!

Best regards,

Director of Ingetech ltd, Yekaterinburg

Sergey Bogushevich.