Football season 2016

Football season 2016 This season is the 7th in a row for our company. Our traditions is more stable than Ural weather.

Photo of the day. Sport

Photo of the day. Sport Sport for our team is not only a hobby, it becomes a part of our work too. We have finished a project of an exotic character for us - forms for swimming caps.

Photo of the day. Sport

Photo of the day. Sport

On the tide of public enthusiasm concerning football championship FIFA 2014 our football team played unofficial match with the team of our friendly company "Delcam-Ural" which provides us license software. 

We continue to keep ourselves in a good form and also waiting for the victories of Russian football team on FIFA 2014.

Photo of the day.

Photo of the day. Summer season of football is now complete. Getting ready for the winter games. Our team every week keep in shape and healthy spirit on the playing fields for more than three years.

PS. In Ingetech no one smokes.